Feature-based pricing, combined with arbitrary limits on active customers, didn't prove to be the right fit. We're moving to a single "all-inclusive" plan for one flat price of $59 per month with a possibility to try FeedBear for free.

Why our original pricing was wrong

FeedBear aims to be the simplest solution for managing customer feedback. A pricing table with four plans (with different monthly / annual prices) doesn't quite convey "simplicity" to us.

Screenshot-2019-09-09-at-14.19.52 👆FeedBear's previous pricing

Besides creating trouble on the programming side, it didn't resonate with our customers either. People were using the free plan as a trial. Those who found value in our offering moved to a paid plan right away. Others abandoned their FeedBear projects after trying the service. Few people kept using the free version.

The three paid plans were also far from ideal. After taking a closer look, we found two main issues:

  1. Limits on active customers (people giving you feedback) were arbitrary and didn't scale reasonably. For this type of pricing, there needs to be a clear distinction between plans. Each member of the target audience needs to fit perfectly into one of them. There can't be any confusion or uncertainty like "As my product grows, will I find myself paying more than I can afford?" (looking at you, Intercom).
  2. Features available on the higher plans were not compelling enough to justify the increase in price. Feature-based pricing makes way more sense for complex services that target multiple audiences with various sets of needs.

Solution: simplify!

So the first logical step was to replace the free plan with a classic – time-limited free trial. That left us with three paid plans that were not appropriately scaled.

We decided to go the Basecamp way and offer one unlimited plan that includes all FeedBear features for one, flat price.

  1. Removing the active customers limit solved the anxiety about a future increase in price.
  2. FeedBear is meant to be a simple product for one clearly defined audience. There's no real reason to separate features to different plans.

This solution makes FeedBear a natural choice for small & medium online businesses. Nobody has extra time or money to spend on complicated products with complicated pricing.